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Smart SEO Needs The Smart Writing Now

Text is one of the most important parts of SEO. However, writing a good SEO text is not easy. With this ultimate checklist it works.

Tip. Doing SEO yourself is not difficult. For the better results of your SEO blog this is the best option for you now.

And there you are …

If you have done your best on a good text for your website, nobody will read it. Well, ahead, he still got a few Likes on Facebook and a retweet from a good friend, but that was it.

From your time, your efforts and your valuable text will be better, because that’s not what it’s all about. Cannot it be different? Fortunately, and it’s easier than you think.

In this blog post I show you exactly how you optimize a text for search engines. So you score high on the search results and attract free interested people. Are you ready for it? Here we go!

Writing SEO text: determine your goal and audience

Writing good SEO text: first determine your goal and target group

Can I give you a secret? SEO is a means and not a goal. Self-proclaimed SEO gurus are silent about this point, but it is really true.

You do not deserve Google. But to visitors who buy something from you or contact you. If you stand high on popular search terms in Google, you will get more and more visitors. Then it is up to you to turn it into customers. You do that.

  1. First determine your target group before you writes an SEO text

Writing a good SEO text starts with determining your target group. Preferably write for 1 person and make it as personal as possible. Then the reader feels really addressed.

A stellar tip to write personally is this:

Write as if you were sending a mail to a good friend.

Read that sentence again and let it affect you, it is really powerful.

Use it the next time you write a web text and you will see that it works. Visitors stay longer on the page and you get more reactions.

  1. Determine the purpose of the page

You write your SEO text for a specific page on your website. What do you want a visitor to do on that page? Should he:

  • Buy something?
  • Download something?
  • Sign up for your newsletter?
  • Connect via social media?
  • Find the answer to his question?

Whatever you want him or her to do, make it as easy as possible! Always keep this maxim in mind before you write a text:

What do you want to achieve with whom, and how do you approach that?

Tip. After writing, check your text for purpose and do not be fooled. Internetters are lazy and impatient. It is your job to grab their attention and hold on to it.

  1. Determine the right keywords before you go SEO writing

Internet users usually search with 2 to 3 words. No less than 70% of them then look no further than the first 4 search results.

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